About Us

During the 1920's John "Blunt" Powell rose up to fame as a National Champion representing the Richmond Gym in tournaments all over the country. As John was also an accomplished tradesman, making his own hand made cues was a natural progression. During World War II, John was unable to make his high quality cues as an active serviceman in the military; he was busy venturing into some of the hottest battles in history. But Richmond Cues was to come alive again after the war years as a family business.

When World War II Veteran and former national champion John Powell had children, he had five daughters and although he tried to pass his craft on to his future generations his girls were not interested in such things, but that was all to change when John Powell's grandson David "Richmond" was born. Even as a young boy John Powell would spend countless hours teaching the highest standards of wood and metal craft to his grandson, this in turn was passed on to David's son Roger.

David and Roger still operate Richmond Cues to this day as a father and son business. When the availability of exotic materials like fancy woods, shells and ivory that were readily available to them the "Richmond Boys" decided that the internet was an ideal place to expand their operations and carry on a family tradition spanning over half a century.

Today each and every Richmond cue is hand crafted to the highest standards and exceeds the quality standards passed down through 3 generations. The only thing that's changed over time is the way we sell; the power of the internet has given Richmond Cues far greater reach than ever before.

Because Richmond cues are individually hand crafted most of them carry the 1/1 symbol showing that they are a one off design, occasionally we produce a limited series range i.e. X/12 but every Richmond cue comes with a certificate of authenticity and the serial number can be tracked on our website.

With our online custom cue builder customers can design their own cues, including weight, materials, tip and design. Once the cue design is complete the build order goes to our award winning craftsmen for manufacture. This gives our customers the very real sense of their own custom cue, because they designed it!